Glass Harp model Cumulus
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After 20 years of performing GlassDuo started producing glass musical instruments.



Instrument Description

Glass Harp model Cumulus

Glass Harp model Cumulus

This glass harp is excellent both for learning to play and for concert performance. It consists of 30 stemmed glasses arranged in three rows, and its scale is 2 and a half octaves. The glasses themselves were handblown in a glassworks according to our individual design. We also paid careful attention to achieving the best shape of goblet for musical purposes and an appropriate composition of the glass itself. All the glasses are the same shape, they only differ in size and thickness of the glass.
From thousands of ordered glasses, we first select those which are pleasant to the ear. From this selection, we then choose glasses of particular sound frequencies. The last stage is to match the glasses to the harmony of one particular instrument. All the glass goblets are precisely tuned thanks to careful selection, and in some cases as a result of precision grinding of the glass. The polishing which finishes the tuning is exceptionally time-consuming but, as a result, evidence of the glass production process becomes almost invisible.
We construct each individually designed instrument in our workshop in Poland. They are modelled on the instrument we have been using for many years for concert performances, perfect quality of the biggest glass harp in the world.
There is no need to fill the glasses with water, which dampens the sound, giving rise to a non-uniform vibration and changes in frequency as the water evaporates.


tuning glass harp


All the glasses are already tuned so no water tuning is required.
sensibility glass harp


Thin glass walls vibrate easily when playing and the smooth finish of the goblet rims is sensitive to nuances of articulation.
stability glass harp


A short, thick stem helps to ensure the stability and the safe transpotration of the glass.
Alignment glass harp


The same level of all the goblet rims allows for greater precision and a faster playing tempo.
Layout of the glass harp


A chromatic arrangement of glasses in three rows, thanks to which the instrument has a compact construction, allows for fluent playing and the possibility of playing many sounds at the same time with one hand.
Easy Installation glass harp

Easy Installation

Our own mounting system, almost invisible and easy to use (no tools necessary), allows quick and problem-free installation and removal of the glasses for independent washing. Guarantees a stable position for the glass and at the same time safe cushioning.
Solid Wood glass harp

Solid Wood

Frame constructed from hardwood gives the instrument practical and stylish finish.
Stylish glass harp


Material - flock is a high quality fabric, pleasant to the touch, hard-wearing and resistant to dirt and moisture.

Technical specifications:

  • Scale: G4 - C7, standard pitch A4=442 Hz, A4 is a middle octave on the piano.
    It is also possible to order an instrument with different tuning e.g. 440Hz, as well as 432Hz.
  • The instrument weighs around 9 kilograms.
  • Dimensions in cm L/D/H: 98/37/18
  • The instrument can be set up on a table or mounted on a stand.
  • Two water containers for wetting your hands are included with the instrument.


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A. Piazzolla - Libertango
on G2 Glass Harps (model Cumulus) played by GlassDuo
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Presentation of G2 Glass Harp (model Cumulus)
by Anna Szafraniec from GlassDuo
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Spanish Romanza
on G2 Glass Harp (model Cumulus) played by Anna Szafraniec from GlassDuo
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Music from The Imitation Game (Alexandre Desplat)
played on musical glasses

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American Walnut Wood

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Instruments and Musical Equipment

Glass Harp model Cumulus

Glass Harp model Cumulus
Each instrument is made to order.
Every glass harp model Cumulus consists of 30 handblown glasses, tuned to standard pitch 442Hz. Different tuning e.g. 440Hz, as well as 432Hz is also possible. There is no need to fill the glasses with water.
Glasses are arranged chromatically in three rows (just like on a button accordion / bayan - B system), thanks to which the instrument has a compact construction, allowing for fluent playing and the possibility of playing many sounds at the same time with one hand.
Two water containers for wetting hands are included with the instrument.
Besides you can choose the type of wood and the color of fabric.
Waiting time 30-60 days.

Examples of our instruments can be viewed here.

Price: € 3150

Glass Harp model Cumulus


Custom-made flight case with high quality fittings (Adam Hall), mobile and easy to transport thanks to a comfortable handle and wheels. Various colours available.
With the instrument packed in its case, you can travel by car or plane.
Available in two versions of panels: astroboard and plywood.

Price: €450-550 depending on used fittings
Polypropylene sandwich construction. Weight - around 9kg (approxiamatly 40% less than equivalent wood).
PCV-coated, leather-like grain finish on surface. Weight - around 11kg.

Spare Glasses

Spare glasses for model Cumulus already in tune according to your request.

Price: €55 - €95 per one, depending on size
(50% reduction for owners of our instrument)

  • €95 - G4-B4
  • €85 - C5-F5
  • €75 - F#5-B5
  • €65 - C6-F6
  • €55 - F#6-C7
musical glasses for Cumulus Glass Harp

Emergency Repair Kit

Emergency repair kit - 10 glasses, two of each size.  Breakages are very rare but we recommend purchase of this set for security and the comfort of the performer.  Allows temporary replacement of a missing glass, tune by adding water. One glass can stand in for a group of  three glasses of the same size.

Price: €320


G2 Glass Instrument Makers

"G2" has been created by Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec, the couple known as GlassDuo. Performing on the world's largest glass harp, the pair have achieved worldwide renown as one of only a few professional groups cultivating the tradition of making music with this exceptional and extremely rare instrument.
GlassDuo have often been asked after their concerts about the possibility of learning to play the glass harp, and about a school where one could learn more. The idea of setting up such an institution was very interesting and attractive. The one remaining problem was the lack of a professionally produced, generally available instrument built to a standard format.
After 20 years of giving concerts and experimenting with the construction of all their glass harps, Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec decided to take on the next challenge. Exploiting their many years of experience, they started work on a prototype. The result is a professional instrument available to everyone.
"G2" thus meets the needs of all those who are fascinated by the hidden potential of glass music. Its offer is for both amateur and professional musicians. It is of particular interest to percussionists who dream of having at hand a phenomenal instrument which is used in the modern musical repertoire. GlassDuo hope that thanks to the general availability of well-prepared instruments, glass music will gain a bigger presence on the music scene and music lovers will have the chance to admire the exceptional sound of the glass harp more often. It is also possible that composers will write more works for the glass harp when there is a more realistic chance of performance.
Anna Szafraniec
Anna SzafraniecGraduate of the Gdansk Music Academy, violinist, orchestral musician, music teacher and author of articles about the glass harp. Co-founder of GlassDuo. For the last 20 years she has been performing together with Arkadiusz on the world's largest glass harp.
Arkadiusz Szafraniec
Arkadiusz SzafraniecGraduate of the Gdansk Music Academy, trumpeter, composer, avid constructor and innovator. Co-founder of GlassDuo. For the last 20 years he has been performing together with Anna on the world's largest glass harp.
It was 20 years ago when I saw the GlassDuo for the first time at the polish Percussion Workshop in Koszalin. I was very impressed by their playing and by this extraordinary instrument. After that I kept dreaming about having one myself. I was very happy when G2 Glass Instrument Makers began to build these instruments and I could finally buy one from them. I was falling in love with it right away! The concept of the glass harp Cumulus by G2 Glass Instrument Makers is absolutely perfect and it is very comfortable to play concerning tuning and range. It is a professional instrument perfectly build for stage and transport. The sound is inspiring and spacing. I would recommend this amazing instrument for everybody searching for a new experience, music adventures whether playing beautiful music for yourself or for an audience.
Thank you very much!!
At last I received my glass harp 1 month ago, and as a new musician not knowing how to read music I play by ear my favourite tunes. I always wanted to play an instrument but never found something that suit me... until that glass harp. I have so much to learn but really happy to climb that mountain and discover new things about myself. The quality of the material and sound is amazing, and the creators or G2 are following me every step of the way to make sure that I have a good start. Feeling happy to join the glass harp community, I only wish to be better at it and can only dream of a better me in few years. If I can reach only a tiny bit what these guys do I'll be super happy already. All the best for you Anna and Arkadiusz in this new adventure, keep pushing and enjoying what you do, I'll meet you someday along the road.
We bought Cumulus from GlassDuo recently. It is very high quality perfectly tuned glass harp. I really enjoy playing this instrument whenever I get time. With LED lighting, this instrument looks great for live and studio performances. This instrument sounds so soothing and calming.


Order Your Own Glass Harp

How to proceed:

  • Please specify your expectations using order form.
  • After exchanging messages and answering possible questions we would expect you to make a down-payment (30% of the value of the order) within three working days.
  • After payment has been confirmed, we will begin to fulfil your order.
    You will be kept informed about each stage in the construction of the instrument as it happens.

Important Information:

  • Waiting time: normally between 30 and 60 days from order to dispatch.
  • We use UPS courier delivery service.
  • The parcel is insured.
  • Price does not include VAT, which may be added in the country of destination according to local regulations.
  • Orders are sent from Poland with customs clearance. There may be a customs charge in the country of delivery.
  • Also available for collection in person (Kolbudy, Poland).

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